-Righteousness is, being made right with God. Everyman stands guilty before God, no man can work to be righteous, so God freely gives us His own righteousness through grace. God does righteousness in us and for us.
-Holiness is what we do to preserve the righteousness that was freely given to us.

I was once a leper on the road, filthy, dirty and abhored. Suddenly, the royal family comes up to claim me as their own. They took my affliction away, cleaned me up and took me away from the dirt and put me in the palace; not because I deserve it in ANY way, but just because of the King’s goodwill. Now, I no longer sleep in the dirt by the roadside, the King has changed my position, I now live and sleep in an opulent palace.
– This is righteousness.

I now live in the Royal palace by virtue of the King’s magnanimity and goodwill. I’m no longer a leper wallowing on the ground with other lepers. The King and I eat and drink on the same table. I play with Him, I speak with Him when I want to, I go into His royal bedroom, I lie down on His royal bed late into the night, talking with Him. The royal servants run up and down to do my bidding, the princes and princesses relate to me as one of their own.

I make up my mind, I will never go back to roll on that dirty floor again. I love this King, I love this new me. From now on I am determined not to do anything that will take me back into that filth. I separate my life from those on the ground and I make up my mind to abide by the rules that will keep me as a member of the royal house.
– This is Obedience.

I’m royalty now. I don’t want to defile myself again with dirt. I want the King to be able to draw me into His presence and embrace me anytime He desires. I want to be able to sleep on the King’s bed and play with Him anytime I want. I will not be a leper again. I will make myself distinct from lepers; not in arrogance or pride, but in submission to my King and the royal household/Kingdom. I belong to this Kingdom now and I want everyone to know it. The King has been kind enough to make me one of His, I will not disgrace or disappoint Him. I love Him, I don’t want anything that will break our relationship. I will separate myself to my King and His Kingdom.
– This is holiness.

Righteousness is right standing with God. Standing in the right position. It is what God requires of us before we can qualify as candidates for heaven. Unfortunately, righteousness cannot be attained by any man. God therefore devised a package for us to be made righteous – SALVATION. We receive righteousness through grace when we receive Jesus as our Lord and saviour. Automatically we are positioned right when we embrace Christ. Righteousness is inputted by grace, not through ANY works of ours.

Holiness is realising what has been done for you. Realising who you are now and taking actions to conform to this reality of the new you.

The bible tells us God is a Holy God, His eyes cannot behold sin. He CANNOT and will not look on anything that is sin. Holiness is therefore, to be without sin. So when we have sin, God cannot relate with us, play with us, interact with us, fellowship with us as His own. Hmmm… Sin is dirt. Sin is defilement, sin is filth. So what do we do? Do we love Him? If we love God, it is easy to obey Him. By obeying God we are kept far from sin.

Holiness is loving God, staying away from anything and everything that would upset God, and staying close to Him. Holiness is separation from everything that would bring sin, or cause us to sin. ~KJO.

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Prayer: “Every character trait in me that continually works to uproot me out of my place of rest, I take authority over you and I uproot you out of my life in Jesus Name. Amen.”

One of the most effective tools that the enemy of our souls uses to ensure that we do not handle nor embrace what rightfully belongs to us in God is  -“negative character traits” or “behavioral excesses”.

Character traits or behavioral excesses can deny us of or take out of our hands what God has prepared for us to enjoy.

When God sets the stage for our lifting and for our rest, when He releases unto us everything that we need to flow in His goodness and His glory, when He restrains the devil from touching us and from maligning our joy; oftentimes, one weapon that consistently has the power to uproot us out from that paradise is found right in us – a particular character trait or an excessive nature.

This dreadful condition makes certain that we never fully enter into our Rehoboth – our space -our promised land, no matter how impeccably set up the situation and circumstances may be.

Some of us by way of hard work, tenacity, intercessions, struggling through, are seemingly enjoying a level of ease and comfort; that is however not commensurate with our strenuous efforts and is obviously substandard to what has been promised to us in Christ Jesus. This is usually because there is a trait, a condition, an excess that restrains us from entering into the fullness of what God has ordained for us.

Prayer: “Whatever excesses that I have, that shake out of my hands the full blessings and benefits of God, thereby making my life substandard, I uproot them out of my life now, in Jesus Name. Amen.”

A man that has been given good circumstances, plum choices and good connections to take him into the plan and purpose of God for him, might still mess all that up because of this condition that is peculiar to him. Every time it seems his situation is looking fulfilling, that trait or excess in him will rear its ugly head and shake out of his hands all that he has been able to put together, leaving him empty and bereft. Until this kind of person receives healing from this limiting condition, he would continue to live in “near success syndrome”, “abortion of good opportunities”, “errors at the verge of success” and “half baked results” -never able to fully enter into the best of God.

Prayer: “Lord heal me of the excesses that have become a snare unto my life and destiny in Jesus Name. Amen.”

This limiting condition could be an outright negative character trait or an excess of an otherwise positive trait. For example, it is human to have emotions; emotions are designed to keep us alive. Emotions signal promptings for us to act. However, no matter how good and positive an emotion could be, excesses of it would be counter productive. Excess emotions could lead to negatively coloured judgements, negatively coloured decisions and this would inadvertently destroy relationships. The atmosphere around such a person would always be tense and this will make quite a number of people (including very good people) avoid this person.

Generosity is very good, but if there is an excess of generosity, it could translate into extravagance, prodigality and wastefulness. These are not positive at all. Prudence is invaluable, but an excess of prudence could lead to stinginess or meanness. Excesses would definitely be a pollutant to any life no matter how otherwise pleasant that life is –
“She is a pretty, well dressed lady, a fantastic cook, neat and caring, but, she always goes overboard when she starts to talk. She just doesn’t know when to stop.”
“He is such a gentleman, so diligent and excitingly creative, but he just can’t seem to be able to stop eating and drinking. He is such a glutton.”

Prayer: “Every excessive nature that has hindered my life from moving into and abiding in the rest of God for me, I uproot you out of my life now, in Jesus Name. Amen.”

When God opens our eyes to see and realise our character limitations and He begins a work of healing in us, the process and procedure might be unpleasant and uncomfortable, like bitter medicine for ill health or traction for broken bones, but if we stay cooperative under his corrective procedure, we are sure to come out healed and delivered of these limitations and impeding conditions.

Prayer: “Lord, please help me to be who you have created me to be. Help me not to cause offence but rather to be an asset to you and a help to my world.  I submit myself to your process and procedure of healing from these traits that have continually sabotaged my life and destiny and I receive total deliverance from them all in Jesus Name. Amen” ~ KJO.20140712-120846-43726078.jpg


What is a scandal?      

  • -Damage to reputation.
  • -Disgraceful and discrediting behaviour.
  • -Conduct that brings offence.

What is ministry?

  • -Unconditional service to God and to people in God’s name.
  • -“To serve (God) as a slave”
  • -Carrying out the instructions of God with the totality of ones life, as a worship to God.

Perilous times are indeed upon us and as creation winds down, evil and evil deeds pervade our world. The enemy of our souls is using all the artillery he has to try to bring the church to its knees.
As Christians and as soldiers of Christ we are enjoined to fight the good fight of faith, with our loins girded and our swords drawn, donning the full armour of God. We are encouraged, motivated, indeed commanded to fight. We are in battle daily. It is of utmost importance however to identify the enemy and be sure that we are fighting the enemy and not fellow Christians. (“A house divided against itself shall surely fall.”). We are called to stand against the enemy not against one another. We are called to help each other and strengthen one another. 

In these perilous times we need strength, courage, focus, faith, love, unity, etc,  to be able to fight and win. We need the kind of power that is released in unity. We need to stop being an offence to one another, but rather, be a fence and a defence to and for each other in the household of faith. We should understand enough of God’s Word to know that we are cut and called differently. One God, one standard of holiness but different forms of expression. Our orders in Him are not the same, but if these orders are given by the Spirit of The Most High, then we should support and not destroy.

God sits upon the circles of the earth doing as He pleases. He is the owner of the work not us. Christians should not turn up their noses at those going through the processes of their calling. Spiritual things could be very slippery. No one has the corner on God. God still remains a mystery no matter how much spiritual insight He has allowed us. It is arrogance to even begin to think that we know it all simply because all seems to be going good for us.

We react negatively to saints who have peculiar callings, simply because we lack the understanding that is needed to accept and support them as honourable vessels of our God. Our lack of spiritual maturity and spiritual enlightenment does not however invalidate these saints’ walk with God. 

I often wonder what the Church’s reaction to Hosea would have been if he lived in these times. Haha!!! He would have been given ugly and ungodly tags like, “whore-loving brother!” (please excuse their language). God gave Hosea express instructions to go and marry a prostitute and he did. How would his explanation of “God does with me what He desires” had sounded in their ears. He would have been excommunicated from the Church because his choices would have offended the sensitivities of the people. What a scandal! A child of God! A supposed man of God taking a prostitute for a wife! A prostitute?!! Meaning many men had known her intimately, and most of them had even paid to be known? What a scandal!

Christians would have speculated that it was because of his insatiable appetite that he had decided to go for an “experienced” woman. The man was not only a carnal, promiscuous, insatiable man, he was also mad; or how else could one explain his giving his children names like, ”the un-pitied one” and ”you are not my people”? Scandalous! (I wonder what the neighbours called the children?) The ultimate scandal was that the prostitute wife was named “Gomer”. The name Gomer in Hebrew (‘n’ ‘g’ mar) translated to English means, ‘to finish sexually’, that is, ejaculation! Surely God could NEVER be a part of anything so vulgar, so obviously carnal and so SCANDALOUS! God does not malign peoples’ reputations so… or does He???

How would we have received Prophet Ezekiel’s life and ministry if he had dwelt amongst us? He went on a scanty diet of bread cooked over a fire fuelled with cow dung (only because he had dodged the earlier instruction to fuel the fire with human excrement.). One day he woke up in his own house and packed his bags and put a blindfold on and started to dig through the walls of his house… insanity! Another day, he woke up in the morning and told the people his wife would die, and by evening, she was dead. What a scandal! “The mad man is also a murderer”. “Even if God had told him so, did he have to say it out loud? Where was his wisdom?” The body of Christ would have given him a wide berth.

Prophet Isaiah would have been publicly disowned by the Church on national television. Ostracised by the organised body of believers. He was a walking scandal. He walked in public for three years with his buttocks exposed for all to see. What a scandal!

Job was obviously a bad man… or wasn’t he? Those kinds of terrible things don’t happen to people who are walking right with God… or do they? Christians would have said of Job that he just appeared and seemed pious, but… “his heart must be very terrible, he was obviously secretly living in sin.” Bible scholars till today refuse to accept that Job was blameless in this matter, they say of him that “he lived in fear and this was the doorway through which satan came in to plaque him”. What a laugh! God was the doorway though which satan came in! God opened the door to satan! God introduced Job’s matter to satan! God was the one who waved Job in satan’s face! God practically offered Job to satan! Job didn’t do a thing wrong. Even God testified to that. God was just showing off Job’s righteousness. Simple!

Brethren, Gods ways are not our ways, His thoughts are far from ours. In as much as we always claim to know God, God is still a mystery. God will do what He wants to do in the ways in which only He wants them done. Our limited understanding does not have the capacity to grasp God’s ways. God does not answer to us. We should not act like we are holier than The Holy Spirit or more righteous than Jesus. God Almighty, grants us grace to know the parts of Him that He desires for us to know and He expects us to be submitted to His Spirit and humble enough to walk with Him by instruction, accepting the things that we do not understand not maligning them.

God has the same principles for all men, but different patterns. We should not be offended when other people’s life patterns do not look like ours. God used these men mentioned above for His own purposes. He used their lives and destinies as symbols to speak to those who had the ears to listen. These people were powerful and honourable tools in the Hands of God and He used them as it pleased Him. He did with their lives what He desired.

Turn to your neighbour and say, “Neighbour! Don’t be offended by my life, God is just doing with me as He desires. Simple!” –KJO

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Everything created is created to benefit others. Everything created exists to add unto others, improve others, move others forward, make a meaningful difference in the life of others.

Everything created is created to spend its entire existence in the service of others. It expends itself to make meaning in the lives of others. Its maximum potentials is used in the service of others.

Everything created is created with its own significance, its own value, its own relevance, its own importance. The significance of every and any entity is tied to use. When an entity focuses its entire existence on giving the best of its self in service to others, it attains unto significance and relevance. Significance cannot be attained without use.

Everything in creation is supposed to be full of use. When it is used then it serves the purpose of its existence and it is said to be ‘useful’. The existence of any entity cannot be justified until it is put to full use. Until the entity is put to full use, it cannot enter into significance. When it is not used at all, or is not used in and to its full capacity, that is; it is used less or has less use, it is tagged as ‘useless’, and therefore it is fit only for the rubbish heap .

When an entity can be used well and can be used in and to its full capacity it is said to be full of use, that is, it is USEFUL. When it cannot be used at all or it cannot be used well or to its maximum benefit, it therefore has no use or it has less use; that is, it is USELESS.

It has been said, time and time again that “when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”. Abuse is simply, ‘abnormal use’. Abnormal use is ‘out of the normal use’, abnormal use is ‘wrongful use’. Purpose speaks of use. Lack of purpose speaks abuse. Where there is clear purpose, use is engaged. Where there is unclear purpose or no purpose, abuse is engaged.

A successful, significant light bulb is one which has discovered that the purpose of its creation, the purpose of its life, its existence, is to give light – to illuminate, and it has committed its entire existence to giving the best of itself in illumination wherever it is found. There is no alternative life for it. It was created to shine for people to see. It must therefore resolve within itself, that wherever it is found, it will shine at its brightest and best. When it shines to give light, it attains unto usefulness; the environment benefits from its compliance to purpose. The light bulb is thus celebrated and fulfilled as it functions in that which it was created to do.

When the light bulb will not give light, does not give light, no one will benefit from its existence. When no one is being blessed, no one is being moved forward by the existence of this light bulb, then it is clear that the light bulb has malfunctioned or has failed. To avoid becoming a complete failure heading for the waste heap, it must therefore cooperate with a reset.

Success is tied to purpose. Significance is tied to use. Everyone created has his own assignment field where his relevance is without rival. As a light bulb risks, wastes and ridicules its existence, operating as a door stopper, paper weight, etc, so also we jeopardise our lives and destinies when we function different to who/what we were created to be. When a light bulb is made to function as a table-tennis ball, then the light bulb is being abused instead of being used.

Until each one of us finds his purpose and begins to move in it to fulfilment, we remain un-celebrated, good for nothing, irrelevant and insignificant.

Everyone and everything created is created full of use, that is, useful. When the full benefit of an entity’s existence is not made manifest and fully enjoyed, the entity has either malfunctioned or it is being wrongfully used (that is, abused).

Nothing created is created for itself alone. No one created is created for himself alone. Everyone created is created with significance, with relevance, for beneficial USE. No one is created useless. Everyone created is created full of use. Everyone must therefore seek to know his area of use or his area of relevance.

Each person created is created good for something. Each person created is created for a definite purpose. Each life carries a definite meaning, a particular significance, a unique aroma, but these can only attain optimum expression through FULL USE.

Each person should seek to know the meaning, the relevance, the significance of his life and existence and therefore ask himself this, “who am I?”, that is, “what am I good for?”… “where is the purpose that defines me?”.

Use is good. A person, an entity, cannot be celebrated, cannot be fulfilled until he has been put to full use. Abuse is not good. Abuse leads to damage, it leads to destruction. A person should avoid abuse by ensuring that he stays in the purpose for which he was created. When a person or an entity operates outside the purpose for which he/it was created, then he/it is being abused.

It is good to be used. It is right to be used. Use ensures that the whole of creation functions right and well. When each person functions according to his purpose, moving others forward – life is good.

Abuse is the enemy. Abuse is wrong, it is unhealthy. It is against creation to be abused. When persons do not function according to and in line with the purpose for which they were created, hurt, pain, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, wickedness, selfishness, and the likes, takes over the hearts of men and stifles life.

Significance, meaning, relevance can only be attained in the life of a person after he first discovers the purpose for his existence, and dedicates and commits his entirety to the fulfilment of that purpose. It is in use that one receives provision. When a person submits to use, he needs not struggle for provision anymore. Provision is tied to use.

Since every person, every entity is created for the useful benefit of others, it is therefore safe to conclude that anyone who does not prepare himself, or make himself available to be used in that which he was created, (for the benefit of others) cannot be significant nor relevant and has therefore relegated himself to ignominy, obscurity and total irrelevance.

It is in use that one receives provision. When a person submits to use, he needs not struggle for provision anymore. Provision is tied to use. A light bulb needs electricity to survive, that is, to give light. It needs proper and good wiring connections, it needs proper light fittings, It needs to be cleaned from time to time. The person/s benefiting from and enjoying the use of the light bulb supplies/supply all that the light bulb needs to be able to function to full capacity. It is a mutually beneficial relationship. The light bulb does not struggle for provision. Supply of provision is automatic when a person or an entity submits to use.

You are full of good use. You are significant. You are laden with flavour and favour. Your environment is waiting for the value that is in you. The world around you cannot function complete without the part that you must play. Glory and celebration await to attend you in your usefulness. Lack of use and abuse will only bring pain and shame.

In pursuit of relevance, sustenance and fulfilment we must realise that usefulness to ones world is what makes a person significant and appreciated. We must therefore arise and say, “enough of a life of abuse, enough of a life of no use or of less use. From now on we will commit to live a life full of meaning, a life of significance, a life of power, of relevance, a life of impact, a life of benefit to others, a life of USEFULNESS.”

No matter how deep the darkness that threatens to engulf our world, our lives engaged in committed useful purpose will shine the light to make the difference.

The uniqueness and beauty of your life must not remain concealed. It is time to share the pleasing essence of you with your world . ~ KJO.

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The physical world is the material, visible world in which the physical man lives and moves. The physical world is the physical, palpable space of the physical body of man.

The spirit world is the world unseen by physical eyes. The spirit world is the invisible world. What is seen is birthed from what is unseen. The physical world is birthed from the spirit world. The physical world is a picture of the spirit world. The physical world is the image of the spirit world. The spirit world is the real world while the physical world is its reflection. The spirit world gives form to the physical world, it shapes the physical world. What is seen is birthed from what is not physically visible.

The physical is dominated by the spirit. Spirit beings exercise rule over all things physical. The physical world is premeditated and dictated from the spirit world by spirit beings and spiritual power. The spiritual dictates the physical. The physical is the product of the spiritual.

The spiritual world, or spirit world is ruled and dominated by spirits. To exist in the spiritual world, you must be a spirit. It is only spirits that exist and exercise rule in the spiritual. The spirit world dominates the physical world; only spirits can exist and exercise influence in the spirit world. Therefore, it is only a spirit that can control the physical from the spiritual world. The physical world is controlled from the spiritual world. Most who search for and desire worldly power have learnt to connect the spiritual realm to engage spirits to manipulate the physical world in their favour.

The spiritual controls the physical. To possess a voice in the spirit world you must be a spirit, you must have power in the spirit. To have power over the physical you must be a spirit, you must have power in the spirit. To live in the physical world in full provision, promotion and protection, you must have power in the spirit world.

Two kingdoms reign and bear rule in the spirit realm; the kingdom of darkness and The Kingdom of Light. There is hierarchy in the spirit realm no doubt. The higher you are positioned, the more authority and power you exercise in the spirit world and consequently over the physical world. The Greatest Spirit is the Head of the Kingdom of Light, He is Lord and Master over all, He is Power and Authority Personified, and in Him and from Him, all Power is and all Power flows. He made and created ALL things in the spiritual and in the physical by His power. He can do and undo, there is no power that does not take its source from Him. He is the source of all power, He is God Almighty.

The spiritual realm, the physical realm, indeed the whole universe was created by the God of all creation, The Almighty God. He created all things for His glory. It is believed that the arch-angel lucifer, who was the angel of light rebelled against God with a retinue of angels and they were thrown out of God’s presence into outer darkness. Lucifer became evil personified and the head of the kingdom of darkness. Lucifer turned satan, has set himself against God’s most priced possession – man. He is determined that man will not enter into God’s best nor fulfil God’s plan and purpose.

The Kingdom of Light rules over the kingdom of darkness with knowledge, wisdom, power and might. The Almighty God; God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost, rules and reigns over the spirit realm and indeed the whole of creation. He abides in the spirit realm with the Hosts of Heaven, (the Angels of God, who excel in strength and move at the voice of His Word) and the spirits of just men made perfect. The kingdom of darkness is headed by the fallen angel lucifer, who is satan. He presides over the realm of darkness with the fallen angels who rebelled with him against God, (these are the demon spirits). The Almighty God is ruler and head over all, for He created all.

These two kingdoms though actively opposed to one another, are not engaged in a superiority contest with one another. They war against one another, each to keep the other away from its possessions and to ensure protection and promotion of all that appertains onto each. The kingdom of Light is the greater kingdom, the kingdom of darkness does not contest this. The kingdom of darkness bows to the Kingdom of Light. The kingdom of darkness has been allowed (by the Creator of all) to exist until the time appointed for its total eradication.

Each kingdom has appointed physical (earthly) agents who represent, speak and act for it in the physical realm. These physical agents in each kingdom also have their hierarchy. The physical agents of each kingdom advertises, promotes and publicises the services, benefits and dominance of its kingdom to the physical world. Each agent, depending on his dedication and devotion to things spiritual, is able to command a level of authority in the spiritual, has the assistance of spirits belonging to his parent kingdom and has also at his disposal all the arsenal of the kingdom, thereby possessing the ability to show palpable results in the physical world. Each agent is primarily engaged and employed as an ambassador of the kingdom he represents. The power, authority and support he employs in the spirit realm and the results he enjoys in the physical are all given to him to make him an effective representative so that he can win more people into his kingdom.

Man is the centre of attraction for these two kingdoms. The soul of man is precious to both kingdoms. One kingdom seeks to destroy man, the other kingdom seeks to give man life eternal. Each kingdom vies for the attention and devotion of man. Each kingdom uses all its arsenal to draw man to its self.

Man is tripartite in nature, he was created a spirit, he has a soul, and he lives in a body. Man has free will, he has the ability to make his own choices. Man exists in the physical realm but he has not been able to gain mastery of this realm. His desires and aspirations abound, but he struggles and strives, sometimes with nothing much to show for it. He has discovered that the spiritual controls the physical. He strives and struggles to open up the connection passage between his spirit and the spirit world, but his physical desires, cravings and lust are strong chains that keep him tied down to the physical realm; he is more flesh and blood than spirit. He needs to be able to cross the boundary of realms into the spiritual to make things happen for himself in the physical world that he lives in, but only spirits can exercise power in the spirit realm. He therefore has a choice of two kingdoms from which he can solicit spiritual help so as to enable him to be able to live as lord and master of his environment.

When a man goes to the kingdom of darkness to solicit for assistance so as to be able to live the kind of life he desires; spirits (demon spirits) are engaged on his behalf to employ their powers to manipulate the physical to his advantage. Only spirits can exercise spiritual power. Satan is a spirit and being an usurper and a deceiver from the onset, he sets his kingdom up as the ultimate in spiritual power and influence. Situations, circumstances and people are shuffled around, manipulated and struck out by demon spirits to achieve provision, promotion and protection for those who come seeking. The price that a man pays for all this is HIS SOUL. The kingdom of darkness bears rule and has authority and control over the lives and souls of all who come therein to engage its services. The ultimate aim of the kingdom of darkness is to possess the soul of man into eternal destruction.

Everything that man seeks in the physical realm had already been delivered and bequeathed to him in the spirit realm by the Father of all spirits, The Almighty God. Dominion and mastery of all creation is the inheritance of all who are born into the world. Access to this mastery is in the spirit through Christ Jesus.

Jesus speaking says, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.” “How can someone be born when they are old?” Nicodemus asked. “Surely they cannot enter a second time into their mother’s womb to be born!” Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit (God Almighty). Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’ The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” (John 3:3-8 NIV).

The Kingdom of God is – living a life of dominion, goodness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Everything that appertains to laying hold of all the goodness of life in godliness, is the kingdom of God.
According to the passage above, to enter into all the goodness that life has, to enter into peace and into all that appertains to joy, one must be a spirit. Not only this, but one must be a spirit born from the Father of all Spirits – God Almighty. The spiritual controls the physical. Only spirits can exercise spiritual power. To have undeniable and unrestricted access to the goodness of the physical world, one needs to be a spirit born of The Spirit who created the whole of creation. Lasting and enduring provision, promotion and protection is guaranteed when one accesses the spiritual world through the Kingdom of Light.

As a spirit born of God, one is able to enter into the spirit realm himself and dictate the physical. As a spirit born from God above, one has power with man and with God. A spirit born of God has power and authority in the kingdom of light, in the physical world and over the kingdom of darkness. He has been given power to trample underfoot and subdue every power of darkness and remain immune to all their antics. A spirit born of the Father of all spirits has at his beck and call, the hosts of heaven and he has been given the entire armoury of the Kingdom of Light for his use. This spirit is able to take up arms in the spirit realm to manifest conquest in the physical realm. This spirit born of God speaks in the spirit world and the physical world aligns to the sound of his words.

To prevail over all life’s challenges, to triumph in the physical world, one must be a spirit. To have and to hold on to outstanding achievements in life one must be a force to be reckoned with in the spirit realm. NO ONE achieves any success, any great and meaningful achievement in the physical world without great help and assistance from the spirit world. The spiritual controls the physical.

Satan is determined to keep man away from the Kingdom of Light, he wants to possess man’s soul into darkness and eventual destruction. He knows the awesome power available to a man who accesses the spiritual realm himself through the Kingdom of Light. He knows the Kingdom of Light has the answer to and dominates his kingdom of darkness. He will keep every man away from being “born of water and of The Spirit of God”. If some do slip through to become “born again” he will ensure that for them, being “born again” remains a fad, a fashion and a fashionable term. He will make sure their spirits are malnourished and underdeveloped. He will ensure that their spirits have no voice in the spirit world, they will still need him to get things done for them in the spiritual if they need results in the physical.

Every living entity needs the right sustenance and appropriate conditions to ensure its healthy growth. Each being has its own peculiar nourishment and terms of existence. A spirit (born of God) has its own peculiarity.

-Spirits have spiritual food and drink that nourish them and makes them strong and healthy. A spirit cannot survive on fleshly food. The Word of God is the food of the spirit man of a spirit born of God. The flesh and the blood of God gives life to a spirit born of God.
-The spiritual world responds to spiritual language that only spirits speak. The Spirit of the Most High through the the voice of a spirit born of God, utters mysteries that manipulates and subdues kingdoms, principalities and powers. The word of God is the key that unlocks the spiritual realm and gives power and authority to a spirit born of God.                                                                                                                          – A spirit has the attitude and manner of a spirit. A spirit does not base his reactions or actions on what he sees, what he feels, what he hears, what he tastes or what he smells, nor is he ruled by any of these senses, he is ruled solely by the word of the master of the spirit realm – The Word of God.

– A spirit has the features of a spirit. The bible passage above says the spirit that is born of God is like a wind that can travel without restrictions and cannot be cornered nor conquered.
– The spirit realm is much more active at night when flesh sleeps. A spirit will be very active at night communicating with the Father of all Spirits and the spirit world to make the physical world conform to his desires in God.
– A spirit fights his battles and settles the physical world in the spirit not in the flesh.
– A spirit is sensitive to all things and does not judge anything by physical or fleshly appearance, but checks and tests all things from the spiritual.
– A spirit does not get preoccupied by, engrossed in nor distracted by carnal or fleshly matters.
– A spirit born of God never seeks his own but the advancement of the Kingdom of Light.
– A spirit is not hasty nor rash in his actions and reactions, they are all motivated and moderated by the Father of all Spirits.
– A spirit devotes quality time to learn the rules of engagement of the spiritual world.
– A spirit recognises, acknowledges and proclaims the Lordship of Jehovah the Lord of Hosts in all things and at all times.

To have power in the physical world, you must be a spirit. To rule as Lord over your environment, situation and circumstances, you must be a spirit. To command excellence in life and live above challenges, you must be a spirit. To ensure sustainable outstanding achievements in life and destiny, you must be a spirit. To live in all goodness, in peace and undefiled joy, you must be a spirit born of God Almighty from above. -KJO.


Why should I fear that someday I would not be wanted in my place anymore?
Why would I think that someone else would soon come and take my space?
Why should I have feelings of insecurity and fear, looking at everyone as my potential replacement, and therefore disallowing myself and others around me to have fruitful and meaningful interactions with people?

For each entity, each person, there is a given assignment at a given location.
As long as each entity/person is fulfilling its/his given assignment in its/his rightful place, to the best of its/his ability at every point in time; nothing , no one, can replace, remove nor displace it/he until it/ he is done.

If and when you cease to be relevant or useful at a particular location or in a particular setting; the location, setting, situation would seek to expunge you.
When you are under-appreciated in a particular setting, your activity/activities automatically become a misfit and a strain in that place. The environment would soon become uncomfortable and it would seek to displace or replace you.
When promotion and a higher dimension seek you and you are too engaged in your present location to answer this opportune call; that seemingly comfortable setting , suddenly without warning would unceremoniously unseat you so that promotion can find and engage you.

When you have been unable to successfully identify your place; any location wherein you find or put yourself at such a time, would be a situation and placement of stress, strain, pain, struggles, unfruitfulness, under-achievement, mediocrity, frustration.
Discomfort and unease will come to you and to your position when you are in the wrong place; or when you are giving the wrong service in your placement. This kind of situation calls for reevaluation and relocation.
When you seek to be who you are not so that you can operate in a capacity or position to which you have not been designed; you will meet with endless antagonism, oppression, suppression, depression and subsequently, failure.

Find your space! Take your place!
Follow your dream! Be driven by its steam!
You are best suited to and in your own place of service.
In your given assignment, in your place of service, yes, there might be trials, challenges; but you are already designed and equipped to confront and conquer them.
Challenges would lead into situations of growth and become ladders to higher heights. Here your given abilities are engaged to enhance, promote, move forward, benefit and develop you and your environment.
In your own place, no matter the challenges or the trials, your heart is light, strengthened and secure in peace that this is your space. You have found your place of service, your location of usefulness and fulfilment. This is your allocation of beauty, your occasion of triumph. This is your season of celebration. Live it! -KJO.